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The TENET is an adapter designed to convert the original signals of BMW K series three and four cylinder motorcycles with longitudinal engine from 750 to 1100 cc (1982-1992), K 1200 1200 cc (1997-2005). And the modern first-generation 850-1200cc four-valve boxer twin (1993-2006).

Types de connecteurs: Bornier compatible

The TENET coupled with an Aftermarket counter is compatible with your motorcycle if it has a settings option (circumference of the wheel, number of pulses, engine revolution) The main functions are:

  • Engine speed signal
  • Speed signal from inductive bridge sensor
  • Neutral indicator
  • Indication of the gear engaged 1/2/3/4/5/6
  • Fuel level indicator
  • Fuel level adjustment
  • Low battery indicator
  • Turn signal indicator (right, left, warning)
  • High beam indicator
  • Position light indicator
  • ABS indicator
  • Temperature indicator
  • Oil pressure indicator
  • Choke indicator
  • Combined lighting

Additional specialized functions:

The shifter, also called quickshifter, is made up of an electronic box that can be adjusted or not depending on the model chosen and of a harness that connects to the motorcycle's ignition coils which consists of making a micro-cut to allow motorcyclists to change gears while continuing to accelerate without depressing the clutch and without damaging the gearbox.

The SHIFTER simply replaces the pilot's gas cut-off, with an electronic micro-cut, on ignition. It relieves the gearbox for a short time and allows gear changes at full throttle. For this, the selector is equipped with a sensor that transmits movement information to the motorcycle's electronic unit.


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