Paypal / Stripe SSL secure payment

About this service

To facilitate your transactions on our website, we offer several means of payment, all secure and transparent for you, insofar as in no case FIVE ACES has access to your bank details PAYMENT BY CREDIT CARD

At no time will your card number, nor the other confidential data attached to it, be communicated to us.

At FIVE ACES, we pay particular attention to respecting the confidentiality of your data. That is why, for any question or modification request, we prefer you to contact us.

Exchanges are encrypted and secured using the SSL 3 (Secure Socket Layer) protocol on the Internet, a protocol which has become a worldwide standard and which can be used by the main browsers. Your credit card details are never transmitted unencrypted over the network.

FIVE ACES has no access to your bank details, and this data is not stored on our servers; this is the reason why these are requested each time you make a purchase on our site.


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