• TENET-315MHz
  • TENET-315MHz


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TENET is an adapter designed to convert the original signals of BMW K series three and four cylinder motorcycles with longitudinal engine and modern first generation four valve boxer twin from 850 to 1200 cc (1993-2006)

TENET coupled to an Aftermarket counter is compatible with your motorcycle if it has a setting option (wheel circumference, number of impulses, engine revolution)

The main functions are:

Engine speed signal
Speed ​​signal from inductive bridge sensor
Neutral indicator
Indication of gear engaged 1/2/3/4/5/6
Fuel level indicator
Adjusting the fuel level
Low battery indicator
Turn signal indicator (right, left, warning)
High beam indicator
Side light indicator
ABS indicator
Temperature indicator
Oil pressure gauge
Choke indicator
Light control indicator
Combined lighting

Additional specialized functions:

315 MHz wireless receiver with remote control, transmission distance range 25 m depending on the environment.

Shock detector Audible and visual alarm
Panic function
Silent alarm function
"Anti-aggression" function
Localization of the motorbike by beeps of the siren
One button to activate the alarm
A button to deactivate the alarm, cut the ignition circuit, stop the engine.
One button to manage simultaneous ignition and starting of the engine
Consumption <3 mA in armed mode

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