What is the K-Unit TPMS ?

TPMS is an abbreviation of Tire Pressure Monitoring System, which is a tire pressure control system.

It is an integrated electronic system that monitors the tire pressure of your vehicle. It provides the driver with real-time information and informs when the pressure of one or more tires is unsuitable.


All tire pressure problems are displayed to the driver as well as any problems that occur.

With TPMS, manual pressure checks are no more necessary than electronic tire pressure information.

They transmit real-time underpressure, overpressure and temperature at each location

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Download K-Unit TPMS

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What types of TPMS sensors are used ?

TPMS with Screw Valve - This sensor incorporates a valve body and is mounted in the hole of the tire valve. It attaches to the wheel with a separate eyelet or nut ring.

Internal TPMS - This sensor is attached to the inside of the tire, away from the valve body.

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