K-Unit BTH

What is the K-Unit BTH ?

The K-Unit BTH is an electronic interface designed for BMW K-series K75, K100, K1100 from 1983 to 1995 that gathers motorcycle data transmitted by the CDI and other sensors initially to the origin dashboard.

K-unit BTH transmit this information via Bluetooth to the Android OS smartphone.

What is the Dashboard ?

The K-Unit BTH Dashboard is an Android smartphone interface that gathers and visualizes data from multiple sources, such as motorbike data transmitted by the K-Unit BTH and other sensors.

The K-Unit BTH Dashboard has a database hosted locally on your smartphone to store history and track the performance of your motorbike. It also provides access to various web services.

APP Completely free and without advertising

Download K-Unit BTH Dashboard

"you also get free updates".

Easy to use 100% plug and play

the K-Unit BTH is fully plug and play and requires no wiring, commissioning of the equipment takes no more than 5 min.

Data transmission in wireless networks

Display and datalogging package for riders looking to measure and record a motorcycle ride in a similar way a MotoGP team does – be it on the road or track.


The data logger application is a data logger for smart phones, it allows different levels of data logging, ranging from recording the maximum speed to the inclined angle of the bike, acceleration and force deceleration and monitoring of tire pressures and temperature. ndispensable for road runners and club runners.

the data logging application is free and ad-free the user interface is under development and available as a prototype for user testing

Display and recording of data for riders looking to measure and record a motorcycle course in the same way as a MotoGP team, whether on the road or on the track.


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